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Pechmann and Wilbur (1994) contrasted these two kinds of conclusions: “Human impacts obviously have reduced or eliminated many populations of amphibians and other organisms. ” It is the inductive logic underlying the idea of interrelated amphibian declines that fuels the debate over how to, or even whether to, draw strong inferences from research data. The idea that interrelated amphibian declines may be global in scope provides even more fuel for this fire. Two of the authors of this essay have substantially different views concerning desirable approaches to the study of declining amphibian populations.

Once the rains come, these frogs may then require considerable lead time before they can breed. Another trait that will strongly affect successful recruitment, and therefore population density, is the flexibility that individuals display in the timing of egg deposition relative to rainfall. At one extreme is the mud-nesting frog (Leptodactylus bufonius) that lays its eggs suspended in foam inside nests of mud at the edge of small depressions. , 1974). Because female mud-nesting frogs are not dependent on standing water, they can deposit successive clutches throughout the season.

PARC also differs from other groups in that it includes the most diverse group of individuals and organizations ever to work together to address the problems confronting amphibians, as well as reptiles, on a regional, national, and global scale. Diversity is a symbol of strength, health, and well-being in biological communities. Likewise, diversity is essential for societies and organizations that address conservation issues in which habitat is the key— anyone could potentially affect an animal’s habitat.

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