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Recognized Airliners booklet from 1971 exhibiting an important airliners of that period DEPOSITили

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S. 748 combines the dimensions of the veteran DC-3 with the improved payload and performance made possible by the use of turboprop engines. The first production 748 Series 1 flew on August 30. S. and Argentine Airlines, which bought three, two and 12 respectively. By early 1970 the higherpowered 748 Series 2 and 2A had been ordered by 30 commercial, government and military customers throughout the world. The 748 is also being built in India for the Indian Air Force and airlines. , as the Andover Mk.

Max. take-off weight: 137,500 lb. ) First Flight: December 6,1957 AIRFRAME WEIGHTS Basic operaTing weight: 57,300 lb. Max. take-off weight: 116,000 lb. Low unswepl wings. Unswept lail surfaces. wilh dihedral on lailplane and a large dorsal fin. Conventional conlrol surfaces and Fowler flaps. Tricycle undercarriage, with twin wheels on each unit. All wheels retract forward, main units into inner engine nacelles. PERFORMANCE Max. h. Service ceiling: 28,400'. Take-off run: 4,720'. h. at 22,000' with 22,Ooo-lb.

Ft. DIMENSIONS Wing span: 141' 9". -". Height: 40' 6t". Wing area: 3,010 sq. ft. ) First Flight (C-69 Constellation): January 9,1943 AIRFRAME Low unswept wings. Unswept tail surfaces, wuh three fins and two rudders. Conventional control surfaces and Fowler flaps. Tricycle I;Indercarriage with twin wheels on alI Units. Nose-wheels retract rearward, main Units forward. ENGINES Four Wright R-3350-CAI8-EA3 or EA6 Turbo Compound eighteen-cylinder twod' I . p. and driVing a three-blade reversible-pitch airscrew.

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