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Vendors, owners and regulatory bodies can perform or require others to perform an ASME Section III Appendix G analysis for normal, upset and test conditions for all RPVs. Stresses are obtained from the pertinent stress report and the methods of ASME Appendix G are applied to four locations in the reactor vessel: closure head to flange region, nozzle to shell course region, beltline region and the bottom closure head to shell course region. Neutron radiation effects are factored into the analysis, where applicable.

There is also some low level thermal cycling that occurs as the result of the colder purge flow, although this does not produce significant fatigue damage. One purpose of the stub tube is to provide a flexible transition between the rigid head and the CRD housing. The effectiveness of this configuration is shown by the comparison in fatigue usage factors of the stub tube configuration and the straight through design used in BWR. The Stub tube reduces usage factors by approximately 75%. Safe ends Table 4-1 (page 69) presents the potential by influencing mechanism for each safe end design.

There have been required flange repairs due to damage caused by maintenance operations. However, these situations are not common and therefore, physical wear from normal maintenance is not a concern. 0 even for 60 years of operation. Fatigue is not a significant ageing 43 degradation mechanism for the vessel flange. This conclusion applies to all vessel flange design variations. Vessel support skirt The vessel support skirt fatigue has been evaluated in accordance with the ASME Code Section III.

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