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2] Leipzig, 1901. Hauser, P. Pes Eusebius Pamphili ... Kirchengeschichte Aus dem Grie"chischen ubersetzt. [BKV , 1] Munchen, 1932. 2 Latin: Rufinus, Tyrannius. Ecclesiastica historia. According to Fabricius, Rufinus' Latin trans­ lation was first printed in 1476 at Rome. Bibliotheque Nationale, however, lists other editions: Strassburg, ca. 1475-80; also Utrecht, 1474; Rome, 1476; Mantua, 1479; Strassburg, 1500. Hellenistic Jewish Individual B. Fragments Authors E u s e b i u s , Historia Ecclesiastica.

J. Freudenthal T. Gaisford E. H. Gifford F. A. Heinichen F. Jacoby C. Miiller (= K. Muller) P. Riessler W. N. Stearns R. S t e p h a n u s / E s t i e n n e / E t i e n n e / Stephens/Stephani N. Walter F. "'" ments deal with events recorded The first five frag­ in Genesis and E x o d u s , w h i l e the sixth is a chronological summary of a later p e r i ­ od of Israel's history based on material from 2 K i n g s . Possibly, the fragments derive from separate works since the title given to D e m e t r i u s ' work by Clement of 2 Alexandria— Concerning the Kings in Judaea -- does not appropriately describe the contents of the first fragments.

Fragments from Graeco-Jewish Writers. Chicago, 1908"] 1= Stearns) Includes texts of most of the authors; reprints Heinichen's text; no translation. Introduction and fairly extensive notes of limited value. Jacoby, F. Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker. Leiden, 1954-69. 3 vols, in 16 p a r t s . (= J a c , FGrH) The Jewish "historical texts" are contained in Teil III C, Band 2 (1958, repr. 1 9 6 9 ) , N o s . 722-737, pp. 666-713. Extensive critical apparatus at bottom of each p a g e . For texts taken from P^ Ej_, Jacoby uses M r a s ' s text as a basis, but makes a few changes based primarily on F r e u d e n t h a l .

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