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Fluxes of momentum, heat, and moisture The standard bulk formulations for the surface fluxes of momentum (τ), heat (H), and moisture (E) can be expressed as τ = ρaCd ( us − ur ) = ρ au*2 , (12) H = ρa c paCh ur ( Ts − θ ) = − ρa c pau*θ * (13) E = ρa LeCeur ( qs − q ) = − ρau* q* . (14) 2 52 Advanced Methods for Practical Applications in Fluid Mechanics Where ρa is the air density, cpa the specific heat of air at constant pressure, ur the mean wind speed at the reference height zr above the sea surface, us the speed of surface current, Ts the skin temperature, qs the saturation specific humidity at the sea surface, and Le the latent heat of water vapor.

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Proceedings of the 4th International Conference in Laser Anemometry - Advances and Applications, Cleveland, OH. Wieneke, B. (2005). " Experiments in Fluids 39: 267-280. Willert, C. (1997). " Measurement Science and Technology 8: 1465-1479. Willert, C. E. and M. Gharib (1991). " Experiments in Fluids 10: 181-193. 20 Advanced Methods for Practical Applications in Fluid Mechanics Zang, W. and A. K. Prasad (1997). " Applied Optics 36(33): 8738-8744. Part 2 Illustrative Applications 2 Two-Dimensional Supersonic Flow with Perpendicular Injection of the Gas Ye.

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