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Find out what it takes to make it within the aggressive international performing.

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He has acted in such blockbusters as Independence Day (1996), Men in Black (1997), and Hitch (2005). GLOSSARY audition (aw-DISH-uhn) to give a trial performance so others can decide if the actor is right for the job competitive (kahm-PEH-tih-tiv) where multiple people are trying to get the same job or honor dialogue (DYE-uh-lawg) speech between two or more characters documentaries (dahk-yuh-MEN-tur-eez) films that show real events or facts location (loh-KAY-shuhn) site where filming takes place narration (nar-A-shuhn) spoken words that help to tell the story in a film or television show network (NET-wurk) a group of people who share professional or social information with one another performances (per-FOR-muhns-iz) theatrical events professional (pruh-FESH-uh-nuhl) done for money rehearsals (ri-HUR-suhlz) practice performances stagecraft (STAYJ-kraft) the effective management of theatrical devices or techniques voice-over (VOIS-oh-ver) a performance where an actor provides the voice for an animated character FOR MORE INFORMATION BOOKS Albert, Lisa Rondinelli.

They might teach acting at schools, parks, or community centers. Ed Gero is a professor at George Mason University and a professional actor. He is playing the role of Scrooge in a stage production of A Christmas Carol. Gero juggles his teaching duties at the university with rehearsals and performances. 21ST CENTURY CONTENT In the past 10 years, the popularity of video games has opened up new opportunities for actors. Many modern games include complex stories with many characters. Actors are called on to do voice-over work for the characters.

Have respect for the actors, directors, and technicians you work with. Show up for rehearsals on time. Learn your lines and pay attention to the director’s instructions. Learn about the time period, the clothing, and the social manners of the play’s setting. Doing these things will help you develop a solid work ethic. “I want to work with people who are as serious about the work as I am,” says Gero. Not everyone can be a star. Sometimes, smaller roles are the best parts of a play or a movie. Think of Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies, the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz, or Lewbert the Doorman in iCarly.

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