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my test at three hundred dpi, the OCR's double pages

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V. d. W. 9 Chapter II Painting materials and working methods* years at least Rembrandt did approach the task of producing a painting by following a more or less set working method. As data and observations on Rembrandt's Leiden paintings were analysed and correlated, distinct patterns emerged which prompted us to postulate a more or less consistent working method in the young Rembrandt, and to put this hypothesis to the test. Wherever such testing is possible using laboratory techniques, it has been carried out in collaboration with the Central Research Laboratory for Objects of Art and Science, Amsterdam 4 .

Similarly the Innsbruck Old man (no. A 29), dated 1630, was reproduced by van Vliet in an etching three years later, but this very small painting also belongs quite evidently to a number of tronies consisting in part of so-called 'self-portraits' of the kind Rembrandt had been painting in both small and large formats since 1629, and which did much to decide his reputation among his contemporaries and for posterity. Rembrandt must initially have reacted in a number of different ways to the difficulties this subject-matter brought with it, especially in a large format.

The only etching dated 1629 is the remarkably experimental self-portrait 'done with a double needle' (B. 338). This etching not only seems symptomatic of Rembrandt's preoccupation with rendering heads and busts on a larger scale, apparent in the paintings from this year, but also offers a number of points in common with some of these paintings. The linear pattern of the hair curling outside the contour recurs in an identical form in the scratchmarks in the wet paint seen in the small paintings at Amsterdam and Munich.

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