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It would seem possible to analyse (but not to write) some of these as VC-sequences, since the second vowel tends not to be given syllabic prominence (4), (5a), (6a) and (7a). However, as shown in (5b), (6b) and (7b), the syllable structure of Rājbanshi restrains the VC-sequence analysis, and therefore, for the sake of consistency, one is compelled to disgard the VC-sequence analysis in the other examples. (4) a. i/, CV /bʰui ̯/ or CVC /bʰuj/ [bʰṳj] 'ground' b. i/, CV /mæi ̯/ or CVC /mæj/ [mæj] 'younger sister' c.

Dixon (2002 [1997]:133-134), however, disputes the logical outcome of this stance. "There is one major myth in modern linguistics which is responsible more than anything for the discipline losing contact with its subject matter, the study of languages. It goes as follows. There are essentially two types of linguist. The descriptivists, who do field work and write grammars. And the 'theoreticians' ... who do not gather data themselves but rather interpret it, from the point of view of their chosen formalism.

Nasalisation and central approximants will be discussed in more detail in the corresponding sections, but suffice it to say here that focusing on an Indo-Aryan language in isolation without paying attention to the wider Indo-Aryan context may be misleading. 1 Vowel phonemes The vowel phonemes detected during this research are: /i/, /e/, /ʌ/, /æ/, /o/ and /u/. The vowels were found to occur in the following environments: Table 1. 2 Vowels Table 1. ) अ ʌ अिगन / अिघन /ʌɡ/ɡʰin̪/ [ʔɜɡ/ɡʰi ̤ n̪] ‘fire’ 17 मधु /mʌd̪ʰu/ [məd̪ʰṳˑ] ‘honey’ ओ o ओर /or/ [ʔor̥] ‘(in, ओर ह- or hʌ-) end’ गोरोल /gorol/ [ɡoɾ/ɽol] ‘heron’ उ u उकु स /ukus/ [ʔukus] ‘hawk’ कु ा /kut ̪ːæ/ [kut ̪ːæ] ‘dog’ closed syllable word-final इ i क रप /kʌrip/ [kʌɾɪ/ip] ‘approximately’ चुिल /tsuli/ [tsuli] ‘hair’ ए e खेत /kʰet ̪/ [kʰet ̪] ‘field’ दारे /d̪ære/ [d̪æɾe/ɛ] 'by' आ æ हात /hæt ̪/ [hæt ̪] ‘hand, arm’ चे ा /tsemræ/ [tsɛmɾæ] ‘skin’ अ ʌ सरक /sʌrʌk/ [sʌɾ/ɽʌk̚/k] ‘road’ कल /kʌlʌ/ [kʌlɜ/ʌ] ‘banana’ ओ o लोक /lok/ [loˑk] ‘person; man’ तारो /t ̪æro/ [t ̪æˑɾo] ‘star’ उ u थुप /t ̪ʰup/ [t ̪ʰuˑp] ‘spit’ घुगु /ɡʰuɡu/ [ɡʰṳɡu] ‘dove’ The vowel phoneme /i/ is articulated as [i].

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