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By Jose R. Capablanca

A uncomplicated handbook of chess by means of the grasp José Raul Capablanca, considered as one of many part dozen maximum avid gamers ever. Capablanca was once famous specifically for his technical mastery, and during this ebook he explains the basics as not anyone else may. Diagrams.

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Diagram 42 fa'! Here Black has ail overwhelming superiority in forces: a Queen versus a Bishop. White, however, is in no hurry to lay down his weapons. 1. Bc7! Threatening 2. B g 3 + + . 1. Qf2 Black loses in the case of 1. g4 because then follows 2. B d 8 + + and in the case of 1. Qel 2. g 3 + + . 2. Bd6! Waiting move. That is the term used for a move marking time in order to hand over the move to the opponent. , a situation in which any move leads to the disadvantage of the player whose turn it is to move.

4? Kf7 2. Ke3 Kf6 3. Diagram 69 K e 4 K e 6 w i t h a d r a w ) 1. . K e 7 2. K e 4 K e 6 3. K f 4 K f 6 4. f3! (This i m p o r t a n t reserve m o v e that W h i t e has at his d i s p o s a l c o m p e l s B l a c k to g i v e u p the o p p o s i t i o n ) 4. . K g 6 5. K e 5 K f 7 6. K f 5 (again n o t f 4 ? b e c a u s e o f 6. . K e 7 ! 7. K f 5 K f 7 ) 6. K e 7 7. K g 6 ! K f 8 (or 7. K e 6 8 . f4 K e 7 9. f5 K f 8 10. K f 6 ! K g 8 11. K e 7 , and W h i t e w i n s ) 8. K f 6 K g 8 9.

Kh5 7. Qh3(g5) + + . Black could have played differently but by using the same methods White can always push the Black King to the edge of the board. Exercise. White starts and mates in two moves. Diagram 47 Mate by Two Rooks In the ending where the King and Queen opposed the King, mate was achieved with the aid of the King. Here, however, two Rooks, without the help of the King, push the opposing King to the edge of the board and mate him. 1. Rh3 (the third rank is cut oS to Black's King) 1. Kf4 2.

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