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By Lotsawa Kawa Paltseg, Thubten K. Rikey, Andrew Ruskin

In English (with a few textual content in Tibetan Landuage)

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Neither the mind nor mental factors alone can penetrate and analyze an object. The mind and the many mental factors act as reciprocal causes. Because they accompany each other, they occur simultaneously. Whereas in the previous example, there were several companions who mere ly accompanied one to the frightening place, in this situation, these companions will not allow one to stay in one place. They push and shove one to a certain area. In this way, similar to the mental factors and the mind, these helpers lead one to a certain place.

5) Space 6) Time (~"~-"~1'1~·) (~'-r) C. Jlll''l') The twelve links or internal dependent arising are the way in which the causes of internal phenomena arise and then the way in which they bring results. Ignorance comes from great darkness. Similar to the way darkness obscures even the rough appearance of produced things, the darkness of mind obscures one's vision of the nature of karma, the results of karma, the truths, the qualities of the Three Jewels, and the emptiness of phenomena. In order to do something, one has action.

1 T his term can be rendered into English as either "reaso n" or "suitability" . There is substantial ion for bo th . Yet "reason " is in accord with the accompanying commentary. e. "rig pa". 46 12. 13. l·~~·~r) A. I-"l"\

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