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83. r. Lit. iii, p. 407. 48 CREATION OF THE S A F A W ~POWER [PT 1 fleerzth and sixtee~zthcentzsviesl describes him as " a lord about the rank of a count, named Secaidar, of a religion or sect named Sophi, reverenced by his co-religionists as a saint and obeyed as a chief. There are," he continues, "numbers of them in different parts of Persia, as in Natolia (Anatolia) and Caramania (QaramPn), all of whom bore great respect to this Secaidar, who was a native of this city of Ardouil (Ardabil or Ardawil), where he had converted many to the Suffavean (Safawi) doctrine.

Turning now once more to the Munsha'dt of FiridGn Bey, we find the following letters belonging to SulGn SalIm's Pcrsiancorrethe reign of SulfAn Salfm which bear on his spondcnce. relations with Persia. H. 920 (March 27, I 5 14), on& five morzths before the Battle of Chdldirdn (pp. 374-7). 111 this long letter, sent by the hand of a certain Muhammad Bey, Salim denounces "that vile, impure, sinful, slanderous, reprehensible and blood-thirsty 74 CREATION O F THE s A F A w ~ POWER [PT I SGN-cub" (to wit ShAh Isma'il), "at whose hands the people of the Eastern lands are rendered desperate " and calls upon 'Ubayd I

11] 69 (I o) &a)yi Rustam's rep& to the above, in Persian a72d undated (pp. 353-4). The writer states that the "religionrending Qizil-bAshes " (QiziZ- brish- i-Madhhab -khardsA), having defeated Alwand and Murid of the Aq-Qoyhnlh family, are now seeking an alliance with Egypt against the Ottoman Turks, and are advancing on Marrash and DiyAr Bakr. (I I) From Szdtdn BdyazZd to SuZtdn Ghdrl of Egypt, i7z Arabic, dated g10/15o4-5 (pp. 354-5). This letter contains an allusion to "the man who has appeared in the Eastern countries and defeated their ruler and overcome their peoples," which, as appears from the answer, refers to ShAh Isma'il, or possibly ShAh-qulf.

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