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That is why I said the Thought of Love is prerequisite. [287a]. The next seven lines follow this same theme. qala in the presence of the Guru. Then with good and sincere intention, he reflects within himself: "This Guru is the same as the Buddha seated before me. " Then kneeling on both knees and offering a flower in his folded hands, he declares three times: "MUST BEGET THIS THOUGHT OF ENLIGHTENMENT" "0 Omniscient One, epitome of wisdom, Purifier of the Wheel of Life, I have no refuge in any Lord, Except at your lotus feet.

6 Worship with speech is performed at the same time as the bodily Homage, making the obeisance and reciting hymns like the Three Jewels Praise or with whatever one is inspired. [b] Worship with Pleasing Objects has already been described. THE TRIPLE REFUGE 31 [c] For the Worship of the Confession of Sins, one may consult texts like the Golden Splendour, or [my] Confession of Failings, the Three Heaps Sutra, or the Removal of Action's Obscuration. " [d] That Rejoicing [at Virtue] is also Worship is verified in passages of the Moon-Lamp Sutra, where one can see also that [e] Entreaty, [f] Petition, and [g) Bestowal, are all considered as Worship.

Som~ hold that everything preached in the siitras must be observed. Some that only the Training of the Equipment Path need be observed. Others that neither these Trainings nor any like them [need be observed]. Still others hold that the principal Trainings for those who have taken the Refuges are the ones [to observe] - instructions found in such siitras as the Stalks in Array, the Embracing the Roots of Virtue, and the Producing the Power of Faith Sutra - but still the Eight Teachings on Forgetting and Not Forgetting the Enlightenment Thought [fou,nd] in the Questions of Kasyapa Sutra are also to be kept.

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