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Within the complete of the Tibetan Buddhist culture, there isn't any unmarried treatise extra deeply respected or generally practiced than A consultant to the Bodhisattva approach of Life. Composed within the 8th century via the Indian Bodhisattva Santideva, it grew to become an quick vintage within the curricula of the Buddhist monastic universities of India, and its renown has grown ever on the grounds that. Santideva provides easy methods to harmonize one's lifestyles with the Bodhisattva excellent and conjures up the reader to domesticate the perfections of the Bodhisattva: generosity, ethics, persistence, zeal, meditative focus, and knowledge.

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108 72. One should not inconsiderately and noisily throw around chairs and the like. One should not pound on the door, and one should always delight in silence. 73. The crane, the cat, or the thief, moving silently and covertly, achieves its desired goal. A sage should always move in such a way. 74. One must respectfully accept the advice of those skilled in di­ recting others and providing unsolicited aid. One should always be the pupil of everyone. 75. One should express one's appreciation for all good words.

45 After pondering in this way, I shall make an effort to apply the teachings as they have been explained. How can someone who could be cured by medicine be restored to health if he strays from the physician's advice? 84. This is like an illusion, so I shall abandon the fear in my heart and cultivate perseverance in the pursuit of wisdom. " Chapter V Guarding Introspection 1. Those who wish to protect their practice should zealously guard the mind. The practice cannot be protected without guarding the unsteady mind.

Health, daily sustenance, and lack of adversity? 67 66. " 67. " A T T E N D IN G TO THE SPIRIT OF A W A K E N IN G 17. 41 With such behavior on my part, a human state is certainly not obtained again. 68 18. 69 19. For one who does not perform virtue but accumulates sin, even the expression "favorable state of existence" will be lost for a thousand million eons. 20. Therefore, the Blessed One stated that human existence is ex­ tremely difficult to obtain, like a turtle's head emerging into the ring of a yoke on a vast ocean.

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