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Ghani (my host father) of Menunggui village, and Adnan Hj. Abdul Razak of Karang Benai village. Others who served as my language consultants were Mohamad Sirun Siboh of Sembirai village, Subian Bte Sangki of Sembirai village, Jenair Subeh of Karang Benai village, Rajin Hj. Nor of Sembirai village, and Kaili Bte Said of Taun Gusi village. A further word about the corpus of texts used in my research: 40 texts were used, containing a total of 2436 sentences. All of the texts were entered into my Shoebox database and thus accessible to that program’s concordance tools.

1 ‘Philippine-type’ vs. ‘Indonesian-type’ languages Western Austronesian languages have been broadly categorized into ‘Philippine-type’ and ‘Indonesian-type’ languages. As noted by Himmelman (2002:8), “This two-way distinction provides a useful start for investigating the (internal) typology of Austronesian languages… [but] needs a lot of further empirical scrutiny”. Crucial to this distinction are the voice systems found with the two types. Arka and Ross (2005:7) characterize Philippine-type voice systems as follows: Languages with multiple voice types, marked by verbal morphology and often accompanied by case marking of free nominal arguments.

Bradley and I led a series of workshops involving a small number of WC Bajau speakers. Our purpose was to train a core of committed WC Bajau to further develop their own language by acquiring some basic linguistic awareness as well as practical skills in eliciting, transcribing, and interlinearizing texts. These workshops were a marvelous opportunity to stimulate our “thinking together” about the language, and also provided a source of texts for my corpus, which participants had elicited and transcribed themselves.

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