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E. palatalization occurs only in the Inkhokwari, Kwantlada, Santlada, and Khwayni dialects, but it does not occur in Khwarshi Proper. g. ) žeyla žel_l_u ‘light’ bulaxi b^ul_ax^e ‘bold’ xollu x^ol_l_u ‘broad’ lilu l_il_u ‘wing’ xilillu x^il_il_l_u ‘drunk’ l-uxada l_-ux^ada ‘to stab’ l-uq’u l_-uq’^u ‘big’ 4 Palatalization is phonetic. As first noted by Kibrik (1990: 327) the palatalized lateral /l_/ is used immediately after /i/, /e/, and also after and before pharyngealized syllables: 4 The first element is a gender/number marking prefix.

G. PTCP’. Pronominal forms have stress on the final open syllable when the Genitive is formed: 13 These polysyllabic words have a primary and secondary stress pattern: primary stress is on the second syllable, and the secondary stress is on the final syllable. g. e. g. GEN1’ The stressed infinitival suffix -a stands in opposition to the non-stressed imperative suffix -o/-a. g. ha[n-á ’bite-INF’ há[n-a ‘bite-IMP’ susan-á ‘move-INF’ súsan-a ‘move-IMP’ Sus-á ‘sleep-INF’ Sús-o ‘sleep-IMP’ ]anq’idok’-á ‘stifle-INF’ ]ánq’idok’-o ‘stifle-IMP’ x^Irday-á ‘snore-INF’ x^j wrday-a ‘snore-IMP’ Imnajšvili (1963: 22) claims that the stress can trigger phonological changes within the word such as reduction, though this question has not been fully studied.

E ‘milk’ he[he[ ‘pear’ U’u ‘(weaving) shuttle’ ho[S’o ‘cheek’ ]^uy ‘well’ 11 These forms are in free variation. kici ‘riddle’ 32 Non-monomorphemic CV syllables allow all types of vowels, including long vowels. e. in questions). g. g. dibir ‘mullah’. Long vowels are also absent in indigenous lexical words in closed syllables, but there is one exception e[Uu ‘hen’. g. g. CVB-EMPH’ Khwarshi does not have consonant clusters which occur at the end of the word, and neither are there intervocalic consonant clusters of CCC structure.

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