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This ebook is the long-awaited supplement to Michael Loewe's acclaimed "Biographical Dictionary of the Qin, Former Han and Xin classes" (2000). With greater than 8,000 entries, dependent upon ancient documents and surviving inscriptions, the excellent "Biographical Dictionary of Later Han to the 3 Kingdoms" (23-220 advert) now offers details on women and men of the chinese language global who lived on the time of Later (or jap) Han, from Liu Xiu, founding Emperor Guangwu (reg. 24-57), to the prestigious warlord Cao Cao (155-220) on the finish of the dynasty. The entries, together with surnames, own names, types and dates, are followed via maps, genealogical tables and indexes, with lists of books and certain bills of ladies. those beneficial properties, including the handy surveys of the background and the executive constitution of the dynasty, will make Rafe de Crespigny's paintings an crucial device for to any extent further severe examine of an important yet relatively missed interval of imperial China.

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HHS 47/37:1586-87, 87/77:2889. Ban Yi 䌮⤭, the Lady: see the Lady Ban Zhao 䌮㕮. Ban Yong 䌮∈ [Yiliao ⫝‛]; Youfufeng. Third and youngest son of Ban Chao, he inherited much of his father's character. As a major in 107, he accompanied his brother Xiong to assist the withdrawal from central Asia. In 120 the Chinese agent Suo Ban was killed by King Junjiu of Further Jushi, allied to the Xiongnu, while the ruler of Nearer Jushi, ally of Han, was driven from his throne. When the ruler of the loyal state of Shanshan sent for help, Cao Zong the Administrator of Dunhuang proposed an expedition, but a majority at court opposed any involvement in the Western Regions.

Moving past Shanshan along the Southern Road, Ban Chao arrived at Yutian [Khotan], which was locally powerful but had a Xiongnu Resident. King Guangde received him with minimal courtesy, and his soothsayer told him to demand that Ban Chao give him his horse. Ban Chao killed the man, and Guangde was so impressed by such ruthlessness that he killed the Xiongnu agent and offered submission to Han. Continuing west, Ban Chao and his party came to Shule [Kashgar], where the king had been deposed by King Jian of Qiuzi [Kuqa] and replaced by his officer Douti.

Bao Chu 櫒℻ [Wencai 㓈ㆎ]; Jingzhao. As a young man, Bao Chu took pleasure in acting as a knight errant. In the middle 190s the region about Chang'an became seriously disturbed and Bao Chu and his family were short of food. Leaving their mother at home, Bao Chu and his brothers went out to look for wild berries and fruits; when they had gathered some Bao Chu sent three of the party back while he and one other brother continued their foraging. As the brothers returned home, however, they found that a gang of bandits had seized the household and taken their mother captive.

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