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Longsal Teachings: Volume 5

This fourth quantity of teachings from the Longsal comprises one upadesha acquired via desires, together with the histories of its discovery, the details of the View absolutely past the Conceptual brain (Lta ba blo ´das chen po´i gnad byang), a different educating of Garab Dorje containing notable and transparent causes at the details of the Dzogchen view.

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Nowadays. a) more and more bad b) worst and worst c) worse and worse d) bad and bad 4. It is getting ... difficult to win prizes. a) more and more b) most c) the most d) much 5. She is not thirsty so naturally she doesn't feel like .... a) to drink b) drinking c) drink d) she will drink 15. That boy is getting ... a) badder and badder b) more bad c) more worse d) worse and worse 6. Do you feel like ... tonight? a) you will study b) to study c) study d) studying 16. Do you feel like ... there tonight?

A) yourself b) itself c) by yourself d) herself 6. The old woman spent all day nodding her head and speaking .... a) to herself b) herself c) itself d) oneself 16. Don't blame ... for that. a) yourself b) itself c) oneself d) ourselves 7. Catholics often cross ... on entering a church. a) to themselves b) themselves c) theirselves d) itselves 17. , with nobody to guide her. a) oneself b) by herself c) herself d) itself 8. It is very difficult to study a foreign language ... a) by yourself b) by itself c) itself d) yourself 18.

A) himself b) itself c) oneself d) yourself 18. The children can do it. a) oneself b) himself c) they selves d) themselves 9. Boys, help ... to the cake. a) yourselves b) yourself c) — d) you 19. The house ... was in ruins. a) himself b) herself c) itself d) oneself 10. Even as a child, Johnny went to London all by ... a) himself b) itself c) oneself d) yourself 20. The Queen ... welcomed us. a) herself b) himself c) oneself d) itself 23 REFLEXIVE AND EMPHATIC PRONOUNS 1. Old women often talk to ...

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