How do I submit an abstract?

All abstracts must be submitted online through Easychair website. Instructions are available there.
No Abstracts will be accepted through emails or in any other form. Please find below the link to submit abstract
http://icosat.org/submit-paper/ . Please follow the Abstract submission guidelines before submitting it.

Do I have to pay an abstract submission fee?

There is no fees for abstraction. Once you get the full paper acceptance notice you can then register yourself under the mentioned categories by paying the fees.

When will the conference take place? Where is it located?

ICOSAT will take place in Dallas on April 15-16, 2017

How can I register? What are the registration fees?

You can register with us through our registration portal available on our website www.icosat.org . Registration fees is completely depending upon your choice. We have a list of options. For more info, you can open http://icosat.org/#Register . This will help and guide you regarding the fees.

How can I reserve a hotel room, and what are the rates?

Once you register for the conference. Our ICOSAT team will guide you regarding the hotel booking at some discounted price. All the expenses to be borne by participant only. Participant has to pay the travel cost along with travel insurance

I only want to attend one day of the conference, is that possible?

Yes, this is possible. But you have to inform us in advance. So that we can arrange your presentation accordingly. For paper submission and presentation, your physical presence is mandatory.

Is the conference schedule available?

Details will be posted on our website as they are confirmed. A full conference schedule, including conference sessions, will be available on our website in late January.

Is there funding available to help with travel/registration costs?

ICOSAT is unable to assist with travel or registration costs. All the expenses are solely handled by the participant only.

Will I receive a certificate of attendance?

A certificate of attendance is given to each and every participant.

Will I receive a certificate of attendance?

A certificate of attendance is given to each and every participant.

I am an overseas participant and need a letter of invitation before I can receive my visa. What is the procedure?

Upon full payment of conference registration fees, participant may request for an invitation letter by emailing info@icosat.org. ICOSAT will not supply an invitation letter to unpaid or unregistered participants, and ICOSAT reserves the right to refuse to provide invitation letters for attendees. Non-members outside the U.S.  requiring an invitation letter must pay by paypal. Please note that ICOSAT does not give any further support to the visa application process. Obtaining a visa remains the sole responsibility of the participant. Regular cancellation deadlines apply, regardless of whether your visa was granted or not.

What is the cancellation policy for the conference?

If in any case, conference is not going to happen. Then, the fees paid by participant is refunded totally.

Is there a dress code for attendees?

Business casuals the preferred dress code for ICOSAT conferences.

My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?

Please contact info@icosat.org for assistance.