About Us

Gyancity Research Lab is a research & development initiative established by research scholars to promote research and development activities in the field of engineering and technology. Gyancity Research Labs organises and sponsors high quality international conferences, summer training programs, workshops, and seminars and provides technical support in field of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and related arts and sciences.

Gyancity has its own reputed journal called GJET. More than 150 research collaborators belonging to over 30 countries from industry and academia are working as Gyancity members to create a global educational excellence without borders. 

In 2015, ICGCET-2015 was in Dubai and in 2016 it was in Denmark with collaboration of Aalborg University, Esbjerg. Similarly, RTCSE-2016 was in Malaysia with collaboration of UTHM Malaysia during 02-03 January 2016. In 2017, RTCSE-2017 will be in Malaysia and ICGCET-2017 will be in Italy.

The main objective of ICOSAT 2017 (International conference On Optimistic Science And Advance Technology) is to take opinions from variety of people regarding science and technology. We are happy to announce our first conference in Dallas, USA that would deal with innovative concepts. We have not limited ourselves to any particular region or country. We want students, professionals, researchers from all over the world to come and join us. So, the world will recognize you with your research and work. The main aim of this conference is to gather your ideas and innovations at one place. You are also welcome to discuss all your queries and challenges in your idea. And we assure you will definitely get a team of professionals who will ready to move further with your ideas.

The conference is expected to bring together more than 500 academicians, researchers, managers, designers, practitioners and users who both advocate and adopt distinctively participatory approaches in the development of systems, services and technology in the field of Mechanical, Electronic and Computer systems. On demand of researcher across the globe, our technical committee approve following subjects:

We invite you to make a valuable contribution to the Conference. All accepted paper will publish in Scopus Index Journal. 


About Us